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About Advantage Enterprises

The common thickness of each glass pane on the market is 2mm – we always use 3mm and 4mm glass on all our windows, which will give you a stronger and more energy efficient unit.

90% off our hardware for the windows is made from stainless steel, where most of the market has regular steel which could easily get corrosion.

We use superior quality virgin vinyl (uPVC) which is 99% pure vinyl where most of the market offers PVC windows which have a weaker frames and discolorate over years, PVC is not a pure vinyl it is a mix of vinyl and some other materials.

Our screens have an easy snap-in spring loaded pins, so no special pins or handles required to remove the screen.

Our casement windows come with a fold-in handles (standard for our company) where most of the companies offer that as an upgrade.

Upgrade Your Windows and Get up to

$5000 Back
in Government Grants

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