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Awning Windows Ottawa

Swings out from the bottom, allowing fresh outside air to come in, even when it’s raining. Our triple sealing system makes this Ottawa window especially water and air tight. Lots of glass area provides an aesthetically pleasing view. Let the sunshine in.

These windows are ideal for areas that require excellent airflow – kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the house that are prone to high humidity. The 45° opening angle ensures that all the excess moisture gets out while no rain gets in.

Awning Windows Ottawa open


Awning Windows Ottawa open up from the bottom allowing a greater air circulation into your home, but can also act as an awning to keep the rain out. These windows are a perfect match between functionality and appearance. Their practical properties and functionality make awning windows a huge success among our customers.

Awning Windows Installation Ottawa


Awning Windows Ottawa can be installed stand-alone to create a dramatic effect. They can also be used in combination with our fixed windows to build a truly graceful picture window. Our awning windows have the same energy-saving properties and quality features as our Casement windows

Awning Windows Ottawa open and close very smoothly and without any effort! The maximum visible glass area provides enhanced outdoor visibility.

This is a truly versatile window, which is very easy to clean and easy to maintain. The awning window opens from the bottom out – which prevents rain from entering but still provides maximum airflow into a room.

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