Double Slider Windows


Double Slider Windows Nepean style is the most popular choice of home owners. It has a simple yet classic design and it has a basic functionality, which many customers like. Their smart design is the perfect for smaller or bigger spaces. Both of the sashes tilt inwards which makes it easier to clean the outside of the window from inside the house, and the screen can easily be removed.

New or replacement windows are a project that has appeal – both for the curb appeal that new windows will create, but also the energy efficiency that new windows will provide a homeowner. The returns will be felt down the line with a reduction in energy use and conversely, the financial returns will be eclipse the original investment. You only make the investment once, but the returns on reduced costs pile up over the years and eventually, the initial investment is paid for through savings

Windows Installation Nepean

At AE Window & Door Solutions, we have been providing good counsel for any homeowner who is interested in updating their home’s windows. Our teAE of consultants has the experience and knowledge it takes to help a homeowner choose the right windows for the right application.

When we help you choose windows for your home’s retrofit, we recommend our AE Designer Series windows and doors. Our window and door production facility is equipped with state of the art technology to and fabrication processes, allowing us to make highly reliable, energy-efficient windows. By overseeing the entire process, from glass insulation, all the way to painting, we ensure that your windows are made with perfect quality and will withstand the test of time.

Double Slider Windows Installation Nepean


Double Slider Windows Nepean share the traits as their single tilt slider windows, but come with a higher degree of flexibility. In fact, the window comes with two ways to use it, increasing the versatility of the window. You can adjust either side to different degrees of openings to give you different looks to your window set-up. Additionally, the of ventilation and the direction you want to send it in is the best thing about the window.

AE Designer Series Single Slider Series Standard offers is as follows.

Windows Installation Nepean

True multi-chAEber design with extra rigidity walls; approx. 30% more vinyl than typical windows
Max sizes up to 78” x 48”
Two hidden drain holes and two diagonally mounted drain flaps for less air infiltration; both located far from base for easy caulking and less chances of blockage
Triple weather-stripping air tight system
Double tower glazing walls
Curve shaped integrated pull rails
Inside frAEe mullion bracket easy to maintain

Double Slider Windows

Heavy-duty screen bars, spring loaded, no pins!
CAE and self closing lock options
Standard foAE filled sash and frAEe
Recessed double metal brass rollers
Proprietary sliding shoes design for enhanced sash grip. Standard Energy Star, passive solar gain Lowe/Argon fill
Ideal glazing options with 7/8” for dual and 1”1/4 for triple panes (true triple pane, only large manufacturer to offer it)

Double Slider Windows Installation Nepean


As with many of the products from our catalog, the AE Designer Series sees the Double Slider Windows Nepean as the product of choice for many homeowners. The mantra of ventilation and easy to clean window comes to mind when you think about our Double Slider Windows Nepean.

The Double Slider Windows Nepean come with many extra features and they can’t be discounted when you consider the satisfying application of the window, or the location in which it will be installed. The first thing to mention is that the window has double sashes that are able to tilt in for an easier cleaning experience. A durable CAE lock/keeper and finger locks help with security, twin-interlocking rails, fly-maze and drainage flaps are all a part of the extraordinary window. 

Windows Installation Nepean

As well as an overlapping screen for the frAEe and night latches all add to the window’s superior performance when installed in a home. The window is issued in the standard white color, made of vinyl, and it can be customized to match the design ideas of the consumer and is quite an accent for your home. Excellent Energy Star and NAFS-11 energy efficiency ratings are the best part of this cosmetically beautiful window, resulting in more money back in any homeowner’s pocket.

There are major benefits that can be enjoyed when you install Double Slider Windows Nepean. Cleaning comes to mind first and foremost because the sashes tilt in. A financial benefit can be derived when you install Double Slider Windows Nepean through energy efficiency. 

They protect against air and moisture infiltration and because they were designed with energy efficiency in mind, they are superior to any windows made in the last 10 years. This will drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs over time and that is money well saved.

An uncommon benefit of double slider windows comes in the form of cooling, the windows can support the installation of an air conditioning unit that can be easily installed and removed as required for a Homeowner’s comfort.

Double tilt slider windows move up and down – so ventilation is a by-product – but don’t forget you will need to install a screen to keep the bugs out and the air moving in for maximum comfort.

The Double Slider Windows Nepean is probably the most popular window on the market because it has a great deal of versatility in usage. The window can be manufactured in many different styles, sizes, and colors and makes for a great conversation piece in any room it is installed in.

To upgrade your home with a durable, energy efficient, and stylish window, call us at AE Window & Door Solutions to see how a AE Designer Series double tilt slider window can freshen up your home’s look and produce energy efficiency. For a no-cost consultation that comes with a free estimate, call us today

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