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Make the entrance to your home something special. We offer a vast selection of entrance doors, which come in finishes such as wood, steel, fibreglass, glass and more. Our design team can incorporate virtually any decorative element like grills and decorative glass into your custom door.

We will build and install the perfect entryway door for your home. Whether you are looking for something ultra-modern, an ornate door or something very minimal, the Window Experts are the team for you.


Entry Doors


  • Optional (automatic) integrated blinds
  • Strong and secure
  • Available in a wide selection of styles and custom options
  • Retractable or removable screen options
  • Maintenance-free doors
  • Tight seals ensure maximum insulation
  • Option for thermal glass
  • Variety of locking options to ensure security
  • Smooth hinges and rollers for years of smooth operation



Steel entryway doors are some of the most popular in Ontario for offering the best balance between: safety and security, the feeling of heft they provide, excellent sealing against harsh winter weather and because they are easiest to keep looking fresh and new. Our steel entry doors are made from heavy gauge, galvanized steel. Steel doors resist warping, disfigurement and shrinking and expansion far better than wooden doors. A zinc coating ensures rust prevention and a polyurethane foam core ensures superior insulation. Steel doors can be finished in a variety of colors, shapes – and even be made to look like wooden doors!

Steel Entry Doors
Entry Doors



Fibreglass doors are extremely durable – requiring no maintenance even in the harshest of winter weather Ontario faces. The material allows doors to be manufactured in a variety of shapes and textures, and many owners choose to model their doors to materials such as wood. Our fibreglass doors have a polyurethane foam core that ensures superior insulation performance.



When you choose the Window Experts, you can save yourself from the hassle of having hardware installed separately. We offer a wide range of handles and locks for your doors, including levers, knobs, keyed or smart code deadbolts and smart locks.

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