Fixed Casement Windows

Fixed Casement Windows Ottawa

Our Fixed Casement Windows provide optimal light from the outside. These windows are ideal for rooms that already have good ventilation but could benefit from natural sunlight. The weather tight seal allows for year round interior comfort even throughout the colder months.

Despite offering an unobstructed view to the outside world, these vinyl windows offer year round comfort with Energy Star efficiency. Enjoy impeccable style, perfect visibility and energy 

Non-opening, fixed windows are the ideal solution when you wish to create a broad expanse of window in your home. Large mid-section and two vertical side sections allow a panoramic view while providing a sturdy frame. Vinyl-Pro fixed windows offer all the features and craftsmanship found in our other models.

Fixed Casement Windows Installation Ottawa


Fixed Casement Windows are windows that can’t be opened. It’s a window that allows natural light into a room and is intended to provide a clear view of the outdoors. Fixed casement windows are practical and easy to coordinate with other window styles during a window replacement project. All are Energy Star ® certified for energy efficiency.


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