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our Front Doors Barrhaven is a gateway into your home where you share some of your most cherished memories. Purchasing a door for your home is all about security, beauty and charm. AE Windows and Front Doors Barrhaven’s own door sales and installation service provider. We provide the best Barrhaven front and entry doors, which are made out of the most durable and high-quality Canadian materials. We sell only 100% Canadian made doors.

We cater to all of your needs. Whether you are looking for a front doors Barrhaven for a new house or a Barrhaven replacement door for your current home, we have a huge selection entry of Front Doors Barrhaven to choose from. We offer wooden, hardwood, oak, double glazed, yorkville, laird, PVC and composite front doors among many others. Our steel and fiber glass front doors come foam-filled with thermally efficient materials and contain the best weather seals on the market. We can also ensure that your installation comes complete with frame and locks already fitted.



We understand that first impressions are important and so we are passionate about offering only the highest quality Barrhaven front doors that not only suit the practical needs of your home, but also look the part from the outside. Our doors are certainly the most secure option for your home as they have time and again outperformed Glass Reinforced Plastic and Wooden composite doors in both security and energy savings. Our Front Doors Barrhaven are virtually maintenance-free and come with a lifetime warranty.

All AE Windows and Doors’ products are built to be energy efficient, beautiful and secure. Our Front Doors Barrhaven keep you cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Our Barrhaven entry doors are continually selected as a homeowner’s favorite in the city because we are committed to offering only the finest products and installation services.

We supply only the best in Canadian Manufactured Front Doors Barrhaven that are tested by Natural Resource Canada and adhere to the Energy Star guidelines. We strive to provide you with the most cost-effective, energy-saving products serviced with quality craftsmanship on every installation. Beyond that, rest assured that our prices are always competitive.



In addition to this, we offer free on-site estimates so that you don’t have to worry about any surprise fees. Our services are also under a 20-year warranty. Once you have selected your Front Doors Barrhaven, our team of expert installers will install the doors in one visit. If you are looking for a reliable Windows and Door Company in Barrhaven to replace your Front Doors Barrhaven or purchase one for your new home, we are one of the highest rated installers of Canadian manufactured doors in the Barrhaven region. Sign up now to get your free estimate and we will come to visit you for product demos and more.


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