Single Hung Tilt Windows

Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans

Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans have both functionality and a look. These windows allow for maximum ventilation capacity, they are perfect for any space. Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans are designed to fit larger window areas. Only the bottom sash operates by sliding upwards as well as tilting inwards, while the top part of the window is fixed. This smart design allows for air circulation while maintaining thermal efficiency.

Getting new windows for your home is something that can benefit any homeowner with instant results. It starts with eliminating draughts or heat leakage inside your home, improves the overall look of your home and is an energy-efficient project that has the advantage of returning money over time through savings on energy costs. Studies have told us time and again about the virtues of new windows; up to 40 per cent of a home’s energy costs can be attributed to poor windows that allow heat to escape in the winter and penetrate a home in the summer.

Certainly, there are some front-end costs associated with new windows, but through the money saved on reduced energy costs, the windows will ultimately pay for themselves. For a homeowner who knows when it is time to replace their old windows with new energy-efficient windows, they contact our company, AE Window & Door Solutions. We can help you decide what windows will be the right fit for your home. and our consultants have a wealth of experience and advice for any homeowner. 

We supply our own windows and doors from our Advantage Windows & Doors , ensuring only the best products are available for replacement windows and doors. We at AE Window & Door Solutions are a Canadian company and have a great deal of experience in the industry and take pleasure in helping homeowners find the right windows and doors for their homes.

Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans


Like the name says, Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans have one movable panel (sash). The single hung window provides ventilation control through the opening of the window only at the bottom of the sash.A Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans is the easiest of the windows family of windows to install, as it is lightweight and has few moving parts. With fewer moving parts and less glass, the single hung window is one of the most economical replacement windows. 

This is because it costs approximately 10-25 per cent less for purchase and installation – and maintenance costs are reduced as well. The Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans has always been extremely popular for installation in the past, due to the costs and easy installation, it is still favored today for homeowners on a budget.

With a fixed upper sash and a lower sash that slides easily up and down for simple operating, this design allows the product to be effortless and durable while still maintaining a beautiful looking window that will easily add a modern touch to your home. The lower sash tilts in to ensure easy cleaning and access to both sides of the window.

The design blends seamlessly in both modern and classic homes. These Single Hung Tilt Windows Orleans are more than just beautiful.

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