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At Advantage Enterprise , we aim to overcome the opinion that steel doors are designed for durability rather than style. Thanks to technological advancements on the part of our established manufactures, we are able to provide our Kanata clients a variety of options which not only provide excellent security, but are also aesthetically appealing. Steel Entry Doors Kanata are becoming more popular thanks to their fire protection and security benefits as well as the fact that they can be customized to your needs.

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Steel Entry Doors Kanata Supply & Installation

The main structure is composed of finger-jointed, paint protected solid pine wood for superior strength and overlaid with 24G galvanized steel skins for excellent rust and dent protection, in accordance with the CAN/CGSB-82.5-M88 standard provided by the Standards Council of Canada. Our doors are internally insulated eco-friendly, high R-value, HCFC free polyurethane foam to decrease the energy footprint as they help prevent thermal heat loss thus reducing energy costs for our customers. All ends are protected by a high quality steel edge.

Features, Specifications & Standards

We can recommend our doors with confidence as we are recognized for meeting some of the rigorous standards Ozone HCFC Free Protection standard, the Environmentally Friendly standards and the Energy Star energy efficiency standards of Canada.

Steel entry doors Kanata offer beauty, security, and performance in a wide range of styles and colors. Steel Entry Doors Kanata is custom made for your house it gives your house elegant and a welcoming look. These doors can include simple or sophisticated glass inserts which give them a window-like appeal, while their strong construction design ensures maximum security.

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